Giving Back Through Cooking - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio
Chef Eric Rogers is the founder of Nevaeh Cuisine & Catering located in South Euclid, OH.  He has combined his love of cooking and his desire to give back to the community through his restaurant. We interviewed Eric to find out how he is connected with the city of Cleveland and The City Mission, as well as how his company is helping The City Mission. 
What connects you to Cleveland and it’s people?

I am very much connected to Cleveland, being born & raised in the inner city of Cleveland we faced many challenges growing up. I always was a dreamer that would never believe I couldn’t do anything I put my mind to. I love that I get to give back a gift that God has given to me to a city that I love so dearly. I also love that I inspire others in the city to dream chase and build up our city for greatness as I am.

As a Chef, do you get inspiration from the Cleveland community?

I draw inspiration from God, he gives me unlimited vision to create and be passionate about what I do daily. I also draw inspiration from our customers & community, I always get new ideas or suggestions from others who know that I love to create and be innovative in what I do. So I try new things for them to experience as well as grow as a chef.
How did you first connect with The City Mission? 

My aunts, parents and grandparents would take us to the City Mission at an early age to keep us out of trouble during the summer and weekends. I always remember helping w/ free events or just playing with other kids. Our family is a firm believer in giving back to our community as much as you can.

Have you had a chance to see the work at The Mission personally?

I have not been to the City Mission in years but I am planning on touring and being more in person involved in the very near future.

Where did the idea of using a sandwich to help the homeless come from?

When I opened I wanted to find a way to give back and I knew the City Mission was a great way. So I choose a popular item Clevelanders were familiar with to try to bring awareness to our homeless population and also show others that we are supporting our community in many ways.
Explain what you hope for when you share proceeds from your business with The City Mission.

It is my hope that our donations go to others in need and help them in any small way possible. I know it is not very much but every little bit helps and hopefully I can inspire others especially other businesses to do the same.


How would you encourage other local business to make a difference in their community?

Every successful business is blessed in many ways, I believe in order to be blessed you have to bless others. Our community needs leaders who care and share, we must build up our city to make it greater for everyone. Together we can make this the best place it can be.
If you would like to enjoy Nevaeh Cuisine & Catering and help the clients at The City Mission, then come visit at 359 South Green Rd. South Euclid Ohio 44121, 216 383-8130. The Hobo sandwich is $8.50 with $1.00 donated to The City Mission on each sale. In the words of Chef Rogers, “This is the freshest version of this sandwich in Cleveland. We use a 7 inch Chicago style all beef smoke sausage, fresh cut fries, made to order sweet onion slaw, agave bbq sauce and it’s all on locally made brioche roll.” The sandwich is featured in the photo above with Chef Eric, his wife, and Kenny from “Kickin’ It With Kenny” who is holding the sandwich. So if you are ever in the area stop by to enjoy delicious food and even help the homeless at the same time.
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