Sylvia’s Comeback Story - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio


Growing Up at 59

Before The City Mission, Sylvia was stuck in a rut. She knew she needed to get out of the decades of partying that had led to her job loss and bad decisions. While she had a place to stay with family, the grandmother of four decided she would no longer be a burden.

“Throughout the years I was drinking, smoking, doing drugs. Doing the wrong things. I realized it was time to get myself together. It was time for me to grow up,” Sylvia reflects.

Finding Everything

Because of The City Mission, Sylvia was able to find that fresh start. When she arrived, she found that everything she needed was provided. “We want for nothing here. If we need clothes, they provide clothes. Hygiene items, they have hygiene items. If we need food, they have food.”

At Laura’s Home, she found not only physical provision, but mental, spiritual, and emotional provision as well. She embraced the classes, our Resource Center helped her find a solid job, and today she’s graduated from the Laura’s Home program and moved into a home of her own.

She’s even developed a strong faith in Jesus, and was recently baptized. She shares, “They’ve given me a good foundation here. Has it been easy? No. But it’s been such a blessing to me. I’ve learned a lot about myself, what life can offer me, and what God has offered me.”

Seeing the Change

“Plenty of people tell me they have seen the change in me,” she shares. “I want to thank each and every one of the donors, because they have no idea what a blessing they are. They deserve so much more than a thank you.”

Will you continue to make stories of change – at any age – possible? Make a gift today to continue empowering new life at Laura’s Home and Crossroads. 

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