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Here I Stand

Cleveland has a Family Homelessness Crisis

Family homelessness is growing rapidly across the country and Cleveland is no exception. Cleveland has the third-worst older adult poverty rate (22.7%), the second-worst poverty rate for working-age adults (27.4%), and the worst child poverty rate (46.1%) of the largest US cities. Every day, hundreds of single women – many with children – live in crisis in our community. This reality has dire consequences.

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The City Mission is honored to celebrate our groundbreaking event for the 10,000 square foot expansion of Laura’s Home! Thank you to our community partners, staff, and volunteers who joined us for this momentous occasion. Check back here for more updates on our Here I Stand campaign progress!

Here I Stand

The City Mission has launched Here I Stand to meet the changing needs in our community. As friends and partners in our work, we want to give you the opportunity to stand with us as well.

This $5.5 million capital campaign is focused on expanding program space at Laura’s Home, and renovating living and program space at Crossroads. We’re excited to share that several supporters have already committed to providing about $4 million of our $5.5 million goal.

There are two key components to the capital campaign:

Laura’s Home

  • A centralized 10,000 square foot youth space
  • Expanded adult Resource Center
  • Dedicated classroom space for adult learning and a program hub
  • Increased office spaces for community partners working with clients
  • Overflow sleeping space with attached showers and storage for times of critically cold weather when residential rooms are full


  • Additional dorm spacing, ensuring all residential rooms maintain social distancing standards
  • Expanded Resource Center and classroom space for adult learning
  • Increased spaces for partner agencies to work with and support clients on their path out of poverty or path to recovery

We have the Power to Change this Crisis

With your help, we can provide hope for those experiencing crisis in Cleveland.

Your gift will provide:
  • Consistent, on-site access to mental and physical health services, access to trauma-informed care, and addiction recovery
  • Individual case management as well as educational, financial, and vocational training for each person
  • A vibrant and safe environment for children to thrive through individual and academic support

This is your moment to say Here I Stand with our neighbors who are suffering and desperate for life-changing hope.

How The City Mission Serves Families in Crisis

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In 2003, Laura’s Home Women’s Crisis Center opened in response to the growing number of women facing homelessness, especially mothers with children. The primary focus of the facility was simple service delivery, providing needed meals and beds to those with nowhere else to go.

In the past 17 years, much has been added to the services we offer, but nothing has been added to the building. We partner with experts in mental and physical health, trauma, addiction/recovery, speech and occupational therapy, child development skills, and more. As much as possible, these partners work with our clients on-site. The Pathways program for youth has also grown significantly both in the number of children served and the complexity of service. This year, these services have been stretched like never before to offer Pathways Academy, assisting students at Laura’s Home with virtual learning.

We are facing similar challenges at our Crossroad’s Men’s Crisis Center. COVID-19 has been a catalyst for altering the long-standing living arrangements.  To better accommodate our guests, we have repurposed several rooms formerly used as lounges and program space. The benefits to this extend beyond minimizing current COVID risk.  We are able to offer greater privacy and dignity to our clients, many of whom will be with us for several months, while at the same time making significant updates to the transformational programs we offer.

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Hear Testimonies of Changed Lives

“Laura’s Home helped me so much, building me up as a woman and a mother… Now I know I can take on anything, because I have God in me, and Laura’s Home put that faith and that hope and their love into me.”

– Bridget

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