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You Can Gift Your Talents Too

With the date of Running with a Mission moving from June 13 to October 3, we now have more time to make the event — including Team Captain Fundraising — bigger and better than ever this year! Team Captains are special champions for the work of the Mission. Each one has set a goal to raise a dollar amount of their choice through their online fundraising page by the time the race kicks off on October 3.

Here are two unique ways Team Captains are using their talents to ask their community to make a difference with them.

Mike Campbell has been volunteering with The City Mission since he was a young student, but this past year he decided to deepen his dedication to the Mission by becomingChair of our new Associate Board. One of the Associate Board’s main responsibilities is to organize and raise funds for Running with a Mission, and Mike is meeting his Team Captain goal in an amazing way: by raffling off a custom-made dining room table! Here’s more from a quick interview with Mike:

TCM: Why are you supporting our work at The City Mission?

Mike: I love your work because you understand that many different influences play a role in someone becoming homeless. Your program- ming puts in the extra effort to identify and repair the trauma that brought individuals to crisis so they can move forward with a better life.

TCM: How did you come up with your creative fundraising idea?

Mike: I wanted to show others they could use their unique strengths to support their favorite organization in creative ways. Everyone has something special they can do to give back to their community and have fun doing it!

TCM: What is your fundraising goal for Running with a Mission?

Mike: Anyone who donates $20 or more to my page will be entered into the drawing for the dining room table. My goal is to raise $2,000 and have at least 15 different donors. I hope you’ll join me in supporting such an impactful organization!

Emily Van Vranken is the Volunteer & Internship Services Supervisor Assistant at The City Mission. She is fundraising for her Team Captain page by inviting more people into sharing her passion for our clients, art, and running. Much like Mike, Emily is giving everyone who donates at a certain level a chance to win a custom wood-burning of their home! This is what she had to say about her creative fundraising tactics:

TCM: How did you become involved with The City Mission?

Emily: I first learned about The City Mission seven years ago when I spent a summer interning with the organization. Now I’ve been on staff for three years! I love that spiritual, physical, and emotional transformation rooted in Christ really is taking place in the lives of those we serve. It’s witnessing those moments and hearing those stories that remind me why the work we do matters.

TCM: What made you choose art to raise funds?

Emily: Art is a passion of mine, and I love finding ways to integrate it into all spheres of life. Raffling off some art to raise money for the Run seemed like a worthwhile way to do that!

TCM: What do you hope to accomplish for Running with a Mission?

Emily: My goal is to gain more traction to my personal fundraising page, and as a result, make people more aware of what The City Mission is doing to serve men, women, and children in crisis.

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